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IDCategoryTask TypePrioritySeveritySummaryStatusProgress
13VPSIncidentMediumLowSlow disk IO on NL hypervisorTesting
Task Description

Some users report us an issue with disk IO on NL VM.

12BackboneIncidentHighHighFan issue on DUS2-CORECompleted
Task Description

dus2-core is actualy down since 8 AM today.

We have identified FAN 8 on the server who handle the routage was down.
We have to go there next week to do a complete server swap with the final hardware (related to the core routing change done earlier with VyOS).

No impact for customers but loss of redudency for this week.

11VPSImprovementsMediumLowAdding ISO repository to vm userCompleted
Task Description

Today we add access to a read only storage called ISO.

You can now select iso you want to reinstall your vm.

If you need a new iso on storage, you can contact us.

10BackboneImprovementsMediumMediumMove DUS2-CORE to final hardwareCompleted
Task Description

We order the new hardware.
When received, we have to install VyOS, rack them on datacenter and load the proper configuration.

Next step is hardware delivery from our supliers.

9BackboneImprovementsMediumMediumMigrate DUS1-CORE to VyOSTesting
Task Description

Based on our tests, we qualify VyOS as a good replacment for our core networking.
We have to move core1 to that os too.

8VPSIncidentMediumLowIPv6 Connectivity issue on NL vm networkCompleted
Task Description

Today we got connectivity issue on VM at Netherland location.

After analyzing access1-mep, i can see all bgp session in timeout + no ping reply.

Dmesg full of :
[9908437.936625] neighbour: ndisc_cache: neighbor table overflow!
[9908437.936724] neighbour: ndisc_cache: neighbor table overflow!

After some verification, one of our customer was under heavy scan.
We drop scan source + increase some kernel value to handle bigger table.

If you got any issue let us know.

7BackboneImprovementsMediumLowReimplementing nullroute capability to downstreamTo do
Task Description

Due to the VyOS Migration, dusseldorf nullroute capability was not functional anymore.
We plan to reimplement it, but after everything else is working and stable.

6AnyIncidentMediumLowEmail spamming issue from customers - billing email imp...Completed
Task Description

We encountered several problems because the mikrotik of one of our customers found itself open proxy during the month of February.

As a result, and to remedy this in a sustainable way, we have taken the following measures towards our IPs. This does not apply to ip advertised through AS34872

- Change of reverse DNS to
- Closure of ports 25, 135 and 139 out (smtp and samba)
- Close ports 1080 and 8080 in in (proxy)

These steps are final, if you wish to send emails we encourage you to use your own / 24.

This incident may impact billing emails. Remember to check the spam folder and mark our emails as “legitimate”. It would help us.

5TunnelsImprovementsMediumLowHypervisors updateCompleted
Task Description

We deploy update to dusseldorf servers.

Tunnels terminated into dusseldorf got a small cut of one or two minutes.

4BackboneImprovementsMediumMediumPOP isolationCompleted
Task Description

We will proceed with the isolation of the POPs.
This way, the traffic will be 100% local and with low latency.
Inter-pop communication still works and your BGP announcements will only be made on the pop you are logged in to.

3BackboneImprovementsMediumMediumDusseldorf hardware & rack upgradeCompleted
Task Description

Following the bgp incident, we decided to upgrade the equipment present in dusseldorf as well as the rack.
Planned tasks:
- Rack upgrade
- Upgrade of core switching to 10G
- Upgrade from dus1-core to a more efficient router

Downtime planed : Thruseday 16-03-2021 at 11 AM CEST for 2 hours

2BackboneIncidentVery HighCriticalInstability BGP dusseldorfTesting
Task Description

During the day of 02/27, we encountered some BGP stability issues in dusseldorf

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