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42Backend / CoreImprovementsHighHigh[Dusseldorf] Upgrade second switching network to 10GCompleted
Task Description

Recently, we detect a bit of loss (0.5%) on our 1G core network for dusseldorf location.

After some analysis, we decide to move that network to 10G too.

The update goes in multiple step. We do some small network change during the night in two days (night from 23 to 24 feb).

After that, we deploy the new 10G switching and move some upstream from the old network to those new one.

So, we planed a downtime of the dusseldorf pop at the date below:

Saturday five march 2022, a downtime of 1hr somwhere between 11 AM and 16 pm

We keep you updated on the ticket.

39Backend / CoreImprovementsMediumLow[DE] Core router reboot for maintenanceCompleted
Task Description

This night, we have rebooted the two core router for dusseldorf.

36Backend / CoreImprovementsMediumLowDUS - LocIX - IXP Transceiver upgradeCompleted
Task Description

We upgrade the transceiver on the dusseldorf link between our rack and locix one.
5 min shutdown of all locix session excepted.

35Backend / CoreImprovementsMediumLowNetherland POP move + upgradeCompleted
Task Description

To restore a correct fullview, our datacenter provider prupose to move us to another of it’s location.
For now, we have first to move some core part of our infra in the other pop.
After that we can start the process.

Precision about the downtime interval was known soon and the migration occur in a few weeks.

Benefit of this migration:
- A full view from that transit operator.
- A 10G burstable uplink

33IP TransitIncidentMediumLowTransit fullview issue in netherland popCompleted
Task Description

Due to an issue with one of your transit operator, we don’t provide a fullview in V6 or V4 for now.
We except a return of the normal issue in a few days.

Note: default route still work and your prefix was still announced worldwide.
The only impact is the full view.

In parralel, we work to establish a new transit operator there in a few weeks.

13VPSIncidentMediumLowSlow disk IO on NL hypervisorCompleted
Task Description

Some users report us an issue with disk IO on NL VM.

7BackboneImprovementsMediumLowReimplementing nullroute capability to downstreamTo do
Task Description

Due to the VyOS Migration, dusseldorf nullroute capability was not functional anymore.
We plan to reimplement it, but after everything else is working and stable.

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